130 rue du Château
75014 Paris
Tel: 33(1) 01 43 22 03 60

Graduated from Louis Lumière's school.
Photographer for advertising, publishing and press.
Exhibitions: landscapes from Burgundy; Walks through Paris along the river Seine; Paris at speed, Paris's reflecting on asphalt, on glasses, on cars ... Paris's alterations around Montparnasse etc.

Professional works:

For the Crédit Agricole (Bank): outdoor and studio shots concerning the annual report and poster celebrating the bank's centuary.

Crédit Agricole Foundation : Pays de France (luxurious book) 2001

Céréaliers de France : "Signes de terre, signes de vie"
Artistic Photos - Preface written by Claude Michelet

For Moulinex (household equipment): different shots with special colour effects for presentation on the Moulinex stand of an international fair.

And Atochem:
Adds for Pepro. Creation of a new calendar totally illustrated with landscape pictures.

Advertising adds: specific shots of packagings, recepies,cocktails.

Air France, Essilor, Monnaie de Paris, Goldsmith's shops, Sopexa, etc:
Inside work.


For Patrimoine 2001 and UNESCO: a Reporting on the Mont-Saint-Michel and it's bay for their international program on the most famous and historical settings around the world

Caisse des Monuments historiques:

For Nathan publisher: Le Mont-Saint-Michel (rewarded by the Reine Mathilde's prize)
Also different reportings on famous sites such as Saint-Cloud (tracing Atget), or Carnac, or Anserune...

One Audio-visual work realised for the Maltese Tourism Office

One other for the french Agriculture's Cabinet tracing the Charolais (very famous french ox species) all around the world.

Magazine illustrations:
Reporting in different regions of France for "Maison à vivre" and "Cuisine"

Cookery books for:

Albin Michel: "Je sais cuisiner" by Ginette Mathiot
Flammarion: "Recettes by Marie-Louise Cordillot
Robert Laffont: "Collection des grands chefs" by Claude Lebey:
* Marc Meneau: "La cuisine en fête"
* Jean Bardet: "Recettes pour Sophie"
* Pierre Gagnaire: "La cuisine immédiate"
* Bernard Pacaud: "L'Ambroisie Place des Vosges à Paris"

At preparation:
A book on Paris

Landscapes, seasons, the vineyard, Paris along the Seine, Paris's asphalt and pavements, the alterations in Montparnasse, Mount Saint Michel...